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I was flying high with the Florida Falcons until an injury completely changed my life. Playing baseball had been my dream since I was a kid and, America couldn’t get enough of the Brit who’d made it to the big leagues. The game was my world, but suddenly I couldn't do it anymore. I was bored. I was frustrated. So I filled the void.

Sex was an easy answer for a pro ball player with an English accent, and soon my misdemeanours were splashed across the tabloids. Now I was a bad joke, a sleazy internet meme, a washed-up third-baseman who enjoyed playing with women more than playing the game.

I was given an ultimatum: go home to England and turn things around, or face being dropped. My reputation had been knocked out of the park for the final time. I needed a lifeline.

And then she showed up. An obstacle in my path struggling with a suitcase.

Jess tempted me before I’d even left the States. But there was something more. She intrigued me. Could the actress with the knockout smile help turn my life around?

I offered her a business arrangement she couldn’t refuse. No complications. No distractions. What could possibly go wrong?

Sliding Home is a novella that was originally featured in Rounding Third: A Baseball Anthology.

Get Sliding Home here:

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