Surprise! Stripped Bare is live!

***Surprise Release***

Stripped Bare, a brand new sexy rom-com #novella by Lynsey M. Stewart is #live and #free with your #KindleUnlimited subscription.

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I couldn’t deny that seeing my ex-boyfriend jiggling his junk in the face of an ecstatic bride-to-be was a complete mind hump.

I didn’t normally get giddy over strippers, but this wasn’t any ordinary stripper. Ethan was my childhood friend, my teenage crush, the boy that featured in all of my firsts.

We had made a childhood pact. If we didn’t find the right person to lose our virginity to by the time we reached eighteen we would be each other’s first.

First kiss, first love…

First heartbreak.

We had been apart for three years.

I had forgotten how glorious he was. I watched him grind his hips to the music, creating a dance with the woman in front of him. But after the rip of Velcro, his thong thrown in my direction, his eyes finally focused…on me.

Who knew being whiplashed by a sequinned thong would lead to a moment of clarity? It was time to start questioning everything that happened between us until I was left feeling bare.

Stripped bare.

Stripped Bare is a 30,000 word novella. If you like them long and meaty, this book may not be for you. Or depending on the context…maybe it is.

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