Me+You: A Summer Romance Anthology is live!

Me + You: A Summer Romance Anthology is live!

I’m joining 16 amazing authors, Bella Emy, YM Zachery, JB. Joseph, Alyssa Drake, Veronique Poirier, Kathy-Lynn Cross, Natalia Schellhaas, A.J. Daniels, Amy Allen, Tara L. Ames, Sarah Stein, J.L Leslie, Jade Royal, H.C. Bentley, Caitlyn Lynch and Rebekah Dodson in this summer themed anthology.

Buy it now:

Here’s the Blurb for my story, Lead me to the Water.

When my mum died, I didn't expect her to offer me the opportunity to start again. She told me to take chances, travel, discover life and fall in love. It sounded beautiful in theory, but sitting on the beach wondering where I was going to start was terrifying.

Good thing there was a distraction…

Contemplating life is easier when you’re watching a hot Surfer emerge from the water, peeling himself out of a wetsuit like a scene from a Bond film.

Life doesn’t always go to plan; sometimes a curve ball leads you in a different direction. For me, it was a rogue olive. Spraining my ankle wasn’t part of the start a new life and be fabulous plan, but it did lead me to Mr Surfman.

So it turns out doctors are my thing. And there I was thinking it was shirtless fire fighters.

My mum had led me to the water, but had she led me to find love too?

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