Let me be your Hope - Exclusive Excerpt

‘That top looks good on you,’ I said as I ran my finger along her collarbone.

‘It looks better off me.’

‘I bet it does.’ I reached behind her neck and pulled on the knot.

‘I don’t fuck on the first date,’ she teased.

‘The fact you’ve used the word fuck tells me you do.’

‘That may have been a lie.’



‘Let me fuck you.’

She took my hand and strode in her heels through the entrance of the flats like she had been born with them strapped to her feet. She was so confident. It was the sexiest thing I’d ever seen.

I had lost all ability to speak. The lifts were straight ahead but she took me to the fire escape. Fuck, I could read her filthy mind. As she climbed the stairs in front of me, I was rewarded with a flash of her knickers. Lacy shorts. Get in. But not just any shorts. Bright red lacy shorts. Holy fuck, thank you.

‘Abi, I can’t take it. Stop. Please. Let me see those fucking shorts.’ A jumbled rush of words spilled out and that feisty, beautiful girl might have even blushed a little. She casually lifted her skirt and flashed the top of her thigh. Totally on purpose—I didn't need that flash of thigh to tell me I needed her. I needed her now. I needed to feel that thigh under the grip of my hand and her fucking heel on my shoulder.

I grabbed her round the waist and pressed her against the wall. She ran her hand down the front of my chinos, cupping me until she could feel my erection pushing painfully against the zip. ‘Shorts,’ I managed to growl out.

She pulled up her skirt slowly until those red shorts were on full display. ‘This won’t change anything between us, will it?’

‘Fuck, Abi, it will change everything.’

Copyright© 2017 by Lynsey M. Stewart

Add Let me be your Hope to your Goodreads TBR list: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/34228505-let-me-be-your-hope?from_search=true

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